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About ResNav Solutions

Our solutions integrate a wide range of employee data between various software systems. Our software uses your existing IT investments and is a simple and intuitive solution. Our staff of professionals average over seven years experience integrating applications in the HR industry.

“Integrated Design’s” integration solutions are enabling over 25,000 clients across North America to automate business processes. and Our product, “Time Bank”, delivers improved accuracy and saves time that may otherwise be spent on data entry and error resolution. We provide domain knowledge, software development expertise and business process experience. As applications evolve and integration requirements change, our domain knowledge protects you from application upgrade nightmares.

Our deliverables include fully configured or custom software and excellent client support services. When we put it all together, our clients achieve integrated solutions that manage real problems, eliminate confusion, and cost less.

Who we are

ResNav Solutions lnc is the company that allows other companies to think out of the box when it comes to systems. We create automated ways to share information across platforms with preciseness and most of all with accuracy.

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Why we are different

At ResNav, we set high expectations for the client experience, and we go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy and delight our clients by providing concierge-level service.

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Who we serve

Whether you’re a start-up or you have thousands of employees, we can grow with you and adapt our services to fit your needs.

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